13 November 2001

Portraits and Maps

I got an assignment in November from one of my children's history magazines for a story about 'literary ladies' which required a number of portraits arranged in a collage format. Additionally, I had a background illustration to provide (text to overlap the letter and around the 'writing hand') for the same article (I think). Some interesting experimental techniques in this one, mixing mediums and playing around with some different color schemes.

For the same client, but a different publication, I had a multi page story about Cesar Chavez. They requested something looking a bit like those old WPA murals, and I thought I captured the style fairly well in the opening spread (above), but sort of backslid back into my own comfortable styles again on the inside (below and right).

Also, for the same client, different magazine, was a large two page spread map of the ancient 'silk and spice' trading routes, along with the obligatory small decorative vignettes sprinkled around the map.

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