15 October 2001

Black and White Scratchboards

The above illustration for my national newspaper client prompted the most feedback I'd gotten for an illustration in a long time. One reader contacted me wanting to buy the 'original art' (which of course doesn't exist - I provided a signed digital print instead). This illustration also may have led to my landing a regular corporate client the following year. Plus I used the image for a postcard mailing in December.

Recent events still continued to influence my workload this month, the illustration to the left for the same client as above, dealt with market uncertainty due to the daily scares on the news. Another illustration along similar lines is pictured below.

Below that is another sign of the times, the possibility that we may be entering a war with Afghanistan, a situation that didn't bode well for the Soviets when they tried it back in the 80s. This one was for an east coast newspaper client, and while I don't normally like to include 'text labels' in my illustrations, this one seemed to work out satisfactorily.

Meanwhile, the CEOs were still wallowing in the cash, as we see in another illustration this month. The threats of war and uncertainty don't seem to be dampening their spirits. (this one another illo for the national newspaper client).
Below that, meanwhile, ordinary Joes are continuing to reel from the government's vague threats and warnings (this one for the east coast newspaper client)

Also this month, again for the same national newspaper client, was the illustration below having something to do with computers (I don't really remember the angle on this particular story).

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