18 August 2001

Tiny Cartoons

I got a lot of practice drawing tiny little cartoons in August of '01. The six illustrations above were for a college lifestyles magazine, and were a regular 'factoid' feature that I was contributing to for this magazine for many years.

Also this month I had a huge assignment of tiny black and white spot cartoons for a local children's publisher. About 170 of these small illustrations would be liberally sprinkled among the text of this 'writing workshop' book. The sizes varied, a lot of them were long horizontals, and a few were larger and more intricate. I did so many of these, and so quickly, that I barely even remember drawing many of them, and while I was going through the files, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

These illustrations here are just a sampling of the many illustrations that I did for this project. Unfortunately I don't remember what kind of contract I signed with these projects, so I doubt if these are available as reprint material, although it wouldn't be too hard to rework or revise them into something new and different.

I remember these projects as being very time consuming, but they were invaluable practice at refining my cartoon style and in learning to simplify my concepts down to their bare bones.

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