02 August 2001

Black and White Scratchings

The above small spot illustration was for my national newspaper client, and was probably my favorite black and white scratchboard of the month, oddly enough. Like I mentioned in one of the other entries this month, I felt that the cartoon work I was doing for the educational publishing project this month was much more spontaneous and full of life, while the scratchboards, in contrast, seem rather stiff and too tightly controlled.

The piece above was for my educational publication client, and had something to do with paying for college no doubt. The illustration to the left was for the same client in August, and was probably something to do with online universities, or web access at college, something along those lines.

The above illustration was another for my national newspaper client, although I don't quite remember what the angle of the story was.

Below is another for the same client. Ug. Not my best piggy bank, to be sure.

Below is an illustration for my east coast newspaper client. I don't quite remember what this one was about.

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