01 August 2001

Additional Children's Work

I ran across a whole bunch of additional work for August that I had previously overlooked. These were all for the same children's magazine client, but for a variety of titles under the same roof. The illustrations above and below were for a history publication dealing with the US Constitution. You can sort of tell, in the collection of portraits below, which people I had better reference for than others (the two guys on the right aren't quite as good as the rest of the crowd). These were both done in a pastel style and came out quite well considering how much work I had to squeeze into this month.
For another publication, I did a two page spread on the 'children's crusade'. This was a rather time intensive illustration (anything with crowds of people usually is) and looks much better in the details than it does shrunk down in size like this.
Also, for the same issue (on the middle ages, I'm guessing), were a few other cartoon images. The one below was about the origin of certain surnames and their relation to early trades (Cooper, Miller, etc). Below that was another cartoon depicting early monetary systems and methods of payment/credit.

Further cartoons for the same client this month were for an article about a certain Saudi children's game (both illustrations pictured below, one would open the article and the other would be on the 2nd page at the close)

I also had a pair of illustrations dealing with guerrila warfare for the same client. I wasn't too happy with how these turned out. It looks as if I was rushing through them (and I probably was, considering the workload this month, and how little this client usually paid).

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