18 July 2001

On the Lighter Side

The above 'food border' was for a children's magazine client of mine in July. I completely forgot about this one, and was quite tickled when I ran across it in the archives the other day. Probably one of my favorite cartoon illustrations of the year.

The illustration to the left was for a cd cover for a local children's toy manufacturer. These were reissues of some vintage children's recordings made back in the 50s, and I had done a few illustrations for this same project earlier in the year. Available at Amazon here.

This small 'bird with microphone' spot was also for the cd, extra decoration for the back cover.

The illustration at left (and the accompanying 'rattle' spot) was for a special interest magazine, comparing various 'baby items' available on the market. I had done a lot of work for a children's version of this well known publication for years, but the kid's magazine went out of business recently, and I got a few assignments from the grown up version for a short while before the work started petering out from this client.

Below is a full page newspaper illustration for my east coast newspaper client, regarding a few competing film festivals in the area.

All these black and white spot illustrations were for a children's book publisher in July. I had a similar assignment for them in August. These were a pair of workbooks on writing and literature, and each contained about 170 spot illustrations of varying sizes and shapes. Many were long horizontals like the two above with occasional large illustrations like the one at left. Subject matter varied widely throughout each of the books which made working on them a treat despite the huge volume of work involved, as it kept things fresh and never quite got monotonous. I was surprised by how fun these drawings still seem to me as I flipped through the archives looking for a few samples to post here.

The one thing I'm not sure about is whether or not I'm able to sell reprint rights to these drawings. I remember the contract they handed me was a 'work for hire', and I remember discussing alternate terms with the designer, but I don't recall what was ever settled. And these were so long ago, that I don't think I still have copies of the contracts on file. Perhaps in a few years I'll go through these files again, and alter and color the illustrations and offer them up as 'new'. Too much nice work here to waste.

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