10 July 2001

Maps Etc

Another 'region map' for my children's geography magazine, and additionally this month I had a map of the Bahamas (pictured below).

For the same client, but a different publication, was another 'puzzle page' assignment. This was a rather fun one involving lemurs (an animal I hadn't yet had a chance to take a crack at).

An usual assignment came from my catholic magazine client, an illustration to accompany an article about memory loss, and I had the idea to have a person's head with various little bits of the picture pixelating and floating away. An interesting concept, but I don't think I quite pulled it off successfully. I should have done more of the head breaking up, and I hate the way I treated the lower part of the illustration, the neck and shirt area especially. Better photo reference would have been a help. And also I still seem to be stuck using way too much purple/pink in my color schemes, as I've noticed is a problem in a lot of illustrations during this time.

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