10 May 2001

Scratchboards in May

A lot of steady work this month, but nothing particularly memorable. The two illustrations above for my national newspaper client both seemed to be saying the same things; careful, we're not out of the woods yet.

Meanwhile, of course, Uncle Sam is still handing out the tax cuts, as we can see in the illustration to the left for the same client (this may have been around the time of George Bush's 'tax rebate' - but I can't be sure).

I had another piece for my agent this month, this one for a michigan regional publication (pictured right). I don't remember the topic, whether it was about legalized gambling, or simply something to do with family budgets.

I had a piece on alcoholism and substance abuse for a jesuit magazine this month (pictured left), and a couple illustrations for an east coast legal newspaper (pictured below). It was fun to draw a couple of 'superheroes', a subject I rarely get to tackle, even if it was a bit tongue in cheek, and overly explanatory text heavy. The other 'senate floor ruckus' illustration was on an obscure topic that I've long forgotten the significance of.

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