05 May 2001


Besides a large batch of black and white drawings for the teacher's guide to an upcoming 'bible stories' project for a local religious organization (which I'm not going to bother posting at this time), I seemed to be doing a lot of dabbling in a 'painterly' style this month for some reason. I had a random assignment from a new client this month that involved a tandem bike with various explanatory text labels along the legs of each of the 'bikers'.

Then, for my regular children's magazine client, I had a couple assignments. The first one was a rather unusual one involving a child's reminiscences about coming across the Atlantic and going through Ellis Island. This one had a lot of photos that I needed to incorporate into a faux 'scrapbook' design with various sketchy line drawings (which I haven't bothered to reprint here, as they were rather forgettable), and in addition I had an indian head coin, and a souvenir Statue of Liberty bank to draw for the same article.

Then, for the same client, I had a pair of two page spreads (wrapping around the text) on an Indian companion to the Pilgrim settlers. (pictured below)

Then I had a 'bar of soap' illustration for a catholic magazine this month, which I used a variety of techniques on, including the text tool. This was something to do with 'cussing'.

And for the same client this month, I had a cartoon illustration involving the old standby 'lady justice'

Another assignment this month involving a lot of text, was this full page assignment for a special interest magazine. I had first started working for them a few months before, and the first couple assignments were rather interesting, but this one was a chore. Hand lettering is not my strong suit, and this wouldn't have looked good using the computer aided lettering, but thank goodness for the 'cloning tool', as I was able to just draw a couple of each letter in the alphabet and then select and copy them to get this busy effect. This was sort of a mixture of cartoon and scratchboard, with some airbrush techniques in the background clouds.

Then, finally, another cartoon for my east coast newspaper client. This one a color 'lifestyle section' piece on working vs stay at home dads.

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