18 March 2001

Unusual Assignments

In this posting I've chosen a few of the more unusual stylistic experiments I played around with in March of '01. I have been trying to develop a sort of 'painterly' style this year, but using 'oil pastels' instead of 'oil brushes', because at the time, the brushes sort of intimidated me. I've done very little oil painting in my life, and it is just as difficult to do well digitally, as it is to work in this medium with traditional materials. Anyhow, I continue to give it a try when clients are willing to let me try it.

The illustration at left was for an evangelical christian magazine. I don't remember what the story was about, but I do remember using my wife as a model for this one (changed her a bit here and there, but she's still recognizable). Nice colors, but I still seem to be leaning heavily on the purple, as I have all year long. Some darker colors would have certainly helped the contrast overall.

I also was given an assignment this month from a catholic magazine in which I suggested building a 'mosaic' using some of Painter's tools built for that purpose. This was the first time I'd tried something like this, and I wasn't real happy with the result (and consequently never went back to this technique again). Sometimes the experiments work, and other times they fall flat on their face.

Another experiment this month (again with oil pastels) was for my east coast newspaper client. This was a lot of fun, and came out quite nice, but it still looks as if I've got a lot yet to learn about working in this medium, especially in regard to use of color and contrasts.

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