27 January 2001

Maps, Portraits and Food

Some nice maps this month for my children's magazine client. A couple on the Panama canal (including an unusual birds eye view layout above which I thought turned out quite nice), and an island map of Jamaica with some fun topography. (both pictured below)

Portraits were on the menu in a big way this month. For the same children's magazine client, I had a cover illustration depicting many famous American women in history, done in colored pencils in a style reminiscent of the sort of work they were pushing back in art school

(speaking of which, I really should try and do one of those 'bleach on colored matte board' style illustrations that we used to do back in school, just for fun, I'm sure there must be a 'bleach tool' in my digital toolbox - file that idea for future reference...)

Also, for the same client this month, I had a series of portraits for an article about famous German-Americans. These were done in such a way to look as if they were photographs pinned to a bulletin board (with the background color going across the full two page spreads), so I did each portrait in a slightly different style to help accentuate the 'bulletin board' effect.

Also, this month, marked the end of a series of illustrations that I was providing for my east coast newspaper client for a couple of years in which I would do illustrations for food recipes. I would do these in a variety of styles, but mostly 'faux paintings'. The ones pictured below were for a recipe on 'grandma's bean pie', and a faux japanese watercolor for a piece on 'miso soup' (note one of the rare times that I sign one of my illustrations - as a way of imitating one of the watercolor 'ownership stamps' that frequently appear on these old watercolors).

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