20 January 2001

Black and White Scratchboards

The above 'new years predictions' illustration was for my national newspaper client in January (as are many of the illustrations in this post). During this time period, I rarely did any color work for this particular newspaper, only in later years would color become more prevalent. Also, up til this time, most of the work for this client was of the 'small spot' variety, and this month would bring a few larger assignments from this periodical. This was a bit of a challenge, since I wasn't used to working in scratchboard at larger sizes, and hadn't yet come up with the strategies that I would later rely on for making larger pieces work - for one thing, I need to adjust the size and detail of my 'brushstrokes', because at a larger size, the tight detailed work tends to overwhelm the image, which you can see in the two examples below.

Both the above image and the one to the left were significantly 'larger' assignments than I was used to getting from this client, and while I was thrilled with the increase in available space, it took a while before I learned to cope with it.

Below are a few more 'medium sized' illustrations for the same client in January (they kept me pretty busy this month).

In addition to all the work from the newspaper, I also had another fiction piece for my long time 'mystery digest' client. Around this time, the illustrations needed to share space with the title and author, and they would frequently either fade to black at either the top or the bottom, or fade to white. Sometimes you would just get assigned a half page, and half the page would be taken up with not only the title and author, but a portion of the text.

And finally, the illustration to the right was for an educational publication. This one having something to do with overpopulation. Thank goodness for the 'copy and paste' function. This would have taken forever in the days before digital illustration.

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