05 January 2001


This month I had a 'boy's adventure' type story for a children's magazine. This one involved a couple of young boys who were trapped in a town fire and took refuge in a well. I used my son for the models on each of these boys, but had to 'age' them a little bit since they were a little older than my son was at the time. I thought these turned out quite nice, especially the layout of the 'well scene' (left). The image above has actually been cropped down, as it originally was a two page spread (mostly taken up with those fiery orange and red colors).

The 'uncle sam deportation' illustration below, was one for an east coast legal newspaper, and below that, was an illustration about 'paid advertising programming in classrooms' for a different east coast newspaper. Below that, for the same client, was a trio of caricatures of certain NY politicos. I've had to draw the guy in the driver's seat many times over the years, and I always seem to have trouble with him, in this one, he almost looks a bit like Kevin Spacey.

Also this month, I had a couple color scratchboard assignments for a catholic magazine (left), and a piece on 'cursive writing' (I think) from an educational publication.

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