10 December 2000

Unusual Fare

The piece above was for a local christian parenting magazine, and had something to do with teachers at private religious schools. For a change of pace, I finished this one in a pastel style. This was a style that I relied on heavily in the early years, until the problems with shipping the artwork, keeping it smudge free and breathing tons of pastel dust caused me to curtail work in this medium. Once I went digital, I ocassionally drag it out of mothballs for the odd assignment, but it never seems to quite catch on as a regular style.

To the left was a small spot for a children's magazine client this month. This was a diagram showing the comparative sizes to the Panema Canal with various objects. I did this one in a combination of watercolors and colored pencils.

I also had another 'puzzle page' assignment for the same client this month, this one a maze involving a miniature futuristic submarine travelling around a circuit board (if I remember correctly).

And continuing to experiment in a 'painterly' style (using oil pastels), I had another in a series of 'food illustrations' for a recipe feature for my east coast newspaper client (this one with a holiday theme).

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