20 December 2000

Cartoon Spots

The surrounding color cartoon spots were all for a college lifestyle client of mine in the month of December. These were semi-regular assignments (during the school year) on a variety of subject to go with little mini-articles throughout the magazine. I've completely forgotten doing most of these, and when I came across the 'salsa dancing' one I cracked myself up, and I also particularly liked the 'hula dancer' below. There were usually two different sizes of spots for this magazine, and I don't remember the significance of each size, but the 'square format' ones I've place above, and the more 'rectangular ones' I've placed below. (I think the ones above had something to do with specific activities/achievements of certain schools, and the ones below were more 'general topics' pertaining to campus life)

I also had a trio of tiny 'head' spots for a different section of the magazine that I don't quite remember what they were for.

In addition to the 'college' spots, I also had a series of small cartoon spots for my east coast newspaper client this month. These all had to do with the new 'domain names' that were being introduced, with explanations of each.

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