02 October 2000

Misc Color work in October

Another early 'george' caricature. I thought I had found the earliest one in November, but here we go with another one. I think the 'gore' likeness is a bit better, probably because I'd had a little practice with him. I'm thinking this probably had something to do with the debates, as the election fracas hadn't quite happened yet.

Below is another color scratchboard illustration for October, this one was rather large, spreading across two newspaper pages, and was for an east coast newspaper client. The bulls turned out nice, but I don't like how the 'dust clouds' look. A bit too muddy and overworked, especially in the foreground.

The above illustration with the rather awkward concept on Social Security was another for the same client this month. Below is another for the same client, this one on the upcoming election, and portraying all the special interests that will have their say come November.

The illustration above was for an educational publication in October and had something to do with online conferencing (presumably the woman is 'at home' because she's pregnant?). I don't remember this one all that well.

Below is another illustration for the same east coast newspaper client as those above. This one a piece on real estate done in a 'painterly style'. Not crazy about my color choices here, way too light and purpley.

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