10 October 2000

A is for Apple

I had a series of 'apple' illustrations for one of my children's magazine publishers this month. This was one of their 'younger kids' magazines, and this story probably had something to do with 'division'.

For the same client, but different publication, I had another 'puzzle page' illustration, this one with an 'outer space' theme where I could have some fun with my 'space effects'.

The cartoon to the left was for my agent, for a michigan regional parenting publication. The illustration below was another cartoon for my east coast newspaper client, on the 'subway series' taking place this October. I remember doing this illustration during the playoffs, and it wasn't quite certain that the Mets and Yankees were both going to make it, so the newspaper was hedging its bets by not putting any specific logos on anything. Once again, my dog Dinky makes an appearance.

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