25 October 2000

Another Workbook Project

I had another large book project for my local children's book publishing client this month. This one consisted of about 140 illustrations, all in black and white, in various sizes and shapes (like most of these projects were). I've included a sampling of illustrations from this project here. This one had a number of 'activity pages' which weren't quite so fun to draw, including maps, flags of the world, clocks with different times indicated, and all were rather time consuming and involved a lot more 'grunt work' than actual creativity.

But there were plenty of chances to have fun throughout, including a section on musical animals (aardvark on an alto sax, gorilla on a guitar, cat/clarinet, dog/drums, etc etc), and there was a section on the moon and solar system in which I stretched a bit as far as 'black and white technique', using some spatter airbrush tools to get some interesting 'moon effects'.

Even though the company was going through some major corporate shake-ups, layoffs, restructuring, mergers etc, I was still able at this time to work with my favorite designer down at this company, who was always very supportive of my work, and gave me a big boost each time I brought sketches and finals in for approval, by laughing a great deal at my cartoons. My son was about 11 at this time, and would frequently accompany me down to meetings with this client in the summer months, and got to be good friends with the designer.

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