09 September 2000

Outside the box

I had a couple more installments of the 'food section' assignments for my east coast newspaper client. The one above was a little different from usual, as it didn't concentrate on a specific 'recipe food item' but rather mused on the idea of 'eating at grandma's house'. (I notice that I signed this illustration - a rare occurance). The illustration below was another for the same 'food' feature, and was a recipe for 'dessert lasagna' (which actually sounded kind of good).

I had a few maps this month for my children's publication client. The small one to the left I don't quite remember what it was for, or what area it is depicting, perhaps it was a companion to the piece below, spotlighting a specific region, or perhaps it was for a separate article altogether? The map below was of Liberia, and what was usual in my map assignments around this time, the project also included a small 'locator map', and a 'country flag' illustration (which I don't bother to include)

The battle map above was another for the same client, but different publication. This one was something to do with the Spanish American war (I think) and also included a small 'battle icon' that the client would place around the map at their discretion (which I haven't included).

Also for the same client, was another in a series of 'puzzle page' illustrations which I have provided for several years. This one having to do with a tree growing in an alien landscape (I had a bit of fun with this one obviously).

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