15 September 2000

Black and White Scratchings

The illustration above, for an east coast newspaper, was about 'prescribed burns' in battling forest fires. The piece to the left, for my national newspaper client was a chart accompaniment piece for the sunday paper. I don't quite remember the story, but the investor looks like he's pretty smug and secure on his stack of money. Probably good news.

The piece below was for a jesuit magazine, and had something to do with religion and law, I'm guessing, but other than that, I don't quite remember.

Below that is a pair of bookend illustrations that I did for an educational publication this month. This was a story about parents calling up professors to complain about their college age kids. Strangely enough, I notice that I actually signed this piece, something I very rarely do.

Another pair of bookend illustrations this month from my national newspaper client. This one had something to do with 'sectors', different areas of the national economy, and how they affect the overall economy.

Below is another piece for the same client, this one having to do with the upcoming election, and how each party is skewing the numbers to match their positions. The second 'donkey and elephant' illustration I had this month (see 'color scratchboards' for September) . . . I think the other one was better.

Another illustration for the same client is at right. Another weekend 'chart accompaniment', this one probably about tech stocks. I would use this concept again the following year, in a piece about 'eggs', with the crowd chasing an egg holding giant spatulas (although I completely forgot I had done practically the same layout the year before).

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