20 August 2000

Maps, paints and James K. Polk

One of my favorite paintings of the year is pictured above. This was for a children's magazine client in August to accompany an article about the 'causes of war', and also included a portrait of James K. Polk, and another 'scene' involving the president addressing congress (which didn't turn out quite so nice). I remember taking some inspiration for the clouds here from Maxfield Parrish, and a little bit of N.C. Wyeth, and even though it had to be designed in such a way that text had to overlap certain parts of the drawing, it still stands up pretty good as a stand alone image, which is pretty rare in my experience.

I also had a few maps for the same client this month (a busy month for this client, considering the above paintings, and the time intensive 'history cartoons' chronicled in another posting this month), A detailed map of a region in northern India, plus a few small 'locator' maps (one of which I've posted here, the other can be found in the 'maps' archive. I also had another 'roman empire' map, pictured below.

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