05 August 2000

Black and White Scratchboards

I had the usual smattering of black and white scratchboard assignments this month. Most of them were for the same national newspaper client, with occasional assignments elsewhere. The one above was about conflicting poll numbers over the summer regarding the upcoming elections. The illustration to the left was regarding tax inequities. Below is another illustration for the same client, this one another 'investor testing the waters' type concept, and below that, an investor out cruising the water (I don't quite remember the stories behind either of these too well - seems to be conflicting messages)

Above is an illustration for my east coast newspaper client. This was one of the last 'Bill Clintons' I did while he was still in office. Amazing how I never really got very good at drawing this guy, that is, until a couple years after he was replaced in the White House. The illustration below, was for the same client, and had something to do with 'fantasy baseball leagues'.

Then, finally, I had a small spot for my educational publication client. I don't quite remember the story behind this one.

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