15 August 2000

August Cartoon Spots

I had another large workbook project this month from a local children's publisher. This assignment consisted of about 60 small black and white spot cartoons, of which I've chosen a sampling of them to post here. The sizes and subject matter varied widely, as usual with these projects, and they continued to be good practice on refining my cartoon skills. (pictured above and below)

I also had a series of color spots this month from my college lifestyle magazine. The larger one to the left and the three small 'hair raising' icons were for an article about 'stress levels', and the small spots below were for a series of small 'factoid' articles that I regularly illustrate for this client.

The illustration to the left was for a local religious organization. I don't quite remember what the story behind it was, but I have a few other 'flashlight' illustrations along similar lines from around the same time for the same client.

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