19 June 2000

Travel Assignment

I had a fun assignment for my east coast newspaper client this month for a special section on 'safe travel'. This consisted of one large opening illustration followed by seven small spots on different aspects covered in the article; food safety, unstable governments, lost luggage, street crime, scams, and misc mishaps. I was also asked to do the lettering, which is something I don't do very often. I don't feel I'm very good at lettering, and always approach requests like this with trepidation. I tried for the style of those old 'travel postcard' letters, but with different elements from the story reflected in the repeating patterns. (I did a much better version of this type of lettering later in the summer, but unfortunately ended up being for a deadbeat client) I had a lot of fun with the spots on this one, and was happy with the humor and consistency of the project. The last spot, the 'fire alarm in the middle of the night' is based on something that actually happened to my family the last time we visited Toronto.

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