05 May 2000

Cartoons Cartoons Cartoons Part Two

I also had a series of cartoon spots of various sizes for a spanish language version of one of my national parenting magazines. These seemed to be on various topics of child rearing, although 'dad' seemed to be the focus of the article.

I see I've snuck my dog and cat into the 'kitchen scene' below. Ripley is the little grey cat, and Dinky is the dog (deceased now, passed away back in '02 - and Ripley is starting to show her age now too, although still hanging in there)

Below that is a rather time intensive project that I had for another of my children's magazine clients in May. This was a border for an article, but I'm afraid I don't quite remember what it was about. I think I probably used a bit of copying and pasting here, but it looks as if I hid it pretty well because I can't see any duplicate characters. I see the mandantory 'kid in a wheelchair' (see if you can find him), plus I'm pretty sure I probably snuck pictures of my family members in here as well (I see my friend Candy down in the lower right). As much as I complain about these 'crowd scene' illustrations while I'm doing them, I sure do like how they turn out. I probably should have posted a 'detail image' to better see what this looks like up close (maybe I'll go back and do that later).

Another crowd scene above for a local religious oranization's mouthpiece magazine. This one is more obvious that I did a lot of copying and pasting (with minor adjustments for faces, sex and colors). This involved the ministry in some way or another, and had a lot of accompanying 'chart' type illustrations (pictured to the left).

I actually liked how the 'chart' illustrations came out a lot better than the crowd scene that opened this particular project. Nice simple layouts and colors, and the copy and paste technique actually works to these illustrations advantage.

In addition to these chart illustrations, I also had a pile of books illustration for the same client. Not sure to what use it was put.

And, finally, this month, I had a series of illustrations for a couple of cd covers. These were re-issues of old 1950's era children's records that a local toy manufacturer was selling both through his own site and through ebay to interested collectors. The covers consisted of the two larger illustrations involving the 'main character' in the stories, and the back cover had a few small 'farming related' spots (the rooster and the barn scene). In addition, I also worked up a version of one of these illustrations as an 'animated gif' for this client's web site (see the other posting this month, or check under 'animation' in the sidebar).

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