10 May 2000

Cartoons Cartoons Cartoons Part One

I had a series of spot cartoons for my children's magazine client in May. This was a children's version of a well known national consumer's advocate magazine. The magazine would soon fold, and I would have a smattering of assignments for the 'grown up' version of the magazine for a while, but eventually the work dried up. I had been doing work for this client since the early to mid nineties, and always had a lot of fun with these projects.
In addition to the two 'puzzle' illustrations for this client during May (seen in another posting), I also had this series of spots regarding 'summer jobs'. There seemed to be three different types of spots for this project. First, there was the 'job' illustrations (the 'feeding fish' illustration above, the 'babysitting' illustration below, the 'delivering groceries' illustration below, and these seemed to have a certain amount of blank background color, presumably for text to overlay. Then, there were 'what not to do' type of illustrations, that involved a rare instance of 'word balloons' in my drawings (the 'bad babysitter', the 'untidy worker', the 'bad timing' kid, the 'forgot to mow the lawn' kid, the 'cheapskate' kid). Then, there were a few spots a little different in size that seemed to be showing poor judgement regarding 'location' (car wash & lemonade stand, below). I've reproduced a few of these spots a little larger to show the detail better.

continued in 'cartoons cartoons cartoons part two'

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