18 May 2000

Atypical Experiments

The above illustration was for a special millage section of an east coast newspaper. I used a mix of styles for this one, watercolors and colored pencils done in a sketchy manner much like my early pastel work. I've gone back to this 'dollar sign road design' concept on more than one occasion over the years.

Below is a puzzle illustration for the children's version of a major national consumer advocate magazine. Mostly an anagram puzzle based on recent movie titles. The style is a combination of my usual cartoon style, with some more attention paid to details in the marquee and neon.

Another puzzle page for the same magazine is pictured above. This was a rather fun project and concept. You are supposed to look at the 'snapshots' below and figure out which character is taking the picture based on their location and clues in the photographs.

The illustration above was for another children's magazine, and was a floor plan of the White House when it was first built. There were a few other 'interior' illustrations for this project that I didn't bother to include here, as they weren't particularly interesting (a dining room table and fireplace).

The above illustration was for my educational publication client. I don't remember exactly what it was about.

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