01 January 2000

1999 Year in Review

1999 was a very busy year, workwise, but the average invoice was still fairly low, so it didn't particularly translate into a big year at the bank. This was the 2nd full year since I made the transition to the digital medium, and, while I was still getting the bugs out in many respects, I was starting to pick up some new and interesting clients because of the change, and some of my regular customers were starting to use me on a more regular basis. The final months of the year would bring a new client, The Wall Street Journal, that would eventually turn out to be one of my biggest in the coming decade, and I had a few color children's book projects for Instructional Fair in the latter half of the year.

My son was 9-10 years old this year, we joined Little League for the first time, and we were probably still taking backpacking trips in the summer (although it was probably near the tail end of this hobby).

A record breaking year in terms of illustrations completed, 1,656 total, nearly doubling the previous years output (a number of children's workbook projects helped boost the illustration count during this period). This brings the ten year total up to 5,989.

These are what I felt were the best illustrations of 1999.