02 December 1999

Children's Magazine Work

I stumbled across some additional work for December of '99. I had a series of spot illustrations for one of my children's magazine clients this month, having to do with Mexican culture. These spots were arranged in such a way so that they could make some sort of 'numerical game' out of them. (1 plate of nachos, 2 boats, 3 cups of guacamole, etc) and so they could also throw a few spanish names into the lesson.

I also had a large two page spread of a crowded mexican festival, but I've not bothered to include it here, because it wasn't particularly nice looking, and had a very strange shape to make room for some text blocks.

For the same client, I had a story about the industrial revolution, for which I've chosen the better of the two illustrations to include here (below), and below that a map of California for another publication for the same client.

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