25 November 1999

Children's and Parent's Magazine work

The above illustration was an assignment through my agent in November, for a Michigan regional parenting magazine. I don't quite remember the angle of the story, but I had fun designing the bright and cheerful wallpaper (which the character is doing a pretty sloppy job of putting up).

These two simple black and white illustrations were for the same client this month. The drawing above probably had something to do with Michigan travel, owing to the small 'Mackinac Bridge' in the upper right corner, and the one to the left was presumably about Living Trusts and Wills.

Another assignment for the same client is pictured below, probably having to do with mending broken relationships during the holidays.

The 'parade of numbers' illustration below, was for my educational publication client this month. I don't quite remember what this one was about.
Below that, is a fun 'racetrack' illustration that I did for one of my children's magazine clients. I had a lot of fun putting all that 'wear and tear' on the roadway.

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