16 October 1999

Play Ball!

There were more than a few 'baseball' themed assignments in the month of October this year. The above 'overhead' view of a ball diamond was for one of my children's magazine clients as a background for a 'word search puzzle'. For the same client, I also had a pair of 'bookend' illustrations showing a crowd of baseball fans that would go on either end of a two page spread. I managed to sneak a self portrait into the right hand side of the bleachers.

For the same client this month, I had a couple illustrations for a story about Jackie Robinson in his years prior to breaking the race barrier in Major League Baseball. This was a little different style than I usually did, using the watercolor tools exclusively.

Also for the same client this month was a two page spread illustration depicting a youth game in progress. I did this one in scratchboard for the most part, although I worked the background in watercolor. I wasn't too crazy about how this one turned out. Purple was a poor color choice for the bleachers.

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