17 October 1999

meanwhile, on the West Coast...

Just as I was starting out with a new client this month (see other posting), this month also proved to be the end of a run with another regular client. The above illustration was a full page illustration for a west coast legal magazine. This one had to do with 'cyber conflicts' of the future, and I enjoyed playing around with various tools to get the necessary sci-fi effects for this one.

For another west coast magazine, I had another in a series of illustration projects in which I provide one larger color piece for the cover, and four small black and white spots for the inside, all on a similar theme. I usually do the cover in scratchboard, but thought I'd try something a little different this time. I'm not sure it was all that successful. I actually like the inside pieces better on this one than the cover, for a change. You'll notice I also used the same 'starburst' effect that I used for the sun on the illustration at the start of this post. There are so many nifty gimmicky tools in this Painter toolbox, that you really have to resist the urge to use most of them, as they are a dead giveaway that you are using a computer (I prefer clients to be surprised that I use a computer, tending towards art that actually looks hand drawn).

And back on the east coast, I had another new client this month. This one had to do with the anniversary of Bayer Aspirin (if memory serves).

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