25 August 1999

Guten Tag!

I had a large project this month for a local children's book publisher. This one was a series of 350 small black and white spot illustrations for a German Language workbook. I've chosen a few representative samples to post here by way of example. This one wasn't nearly as interesting as some of the other projects I've done for this client, from an illustration standpoint. Most of the illustrations were similar to the one pictured above (a couple people talking to each other), but from an educational standpoint, I found it very fascinating, as German is one of the languages I've always been interested in learning.

There weren't nearly as many 'large busy' illustrations like the one above, and there were a lot of small 'item' illustrations (a shoe, a ball, a dog, etc), and a lot of illustrations of people conversing to each other about different situations. If I remember correctly, this project was for a different designer than I usually work with, and you can tell from the illustrations that I wasn't given nearly so much free reign on the 'goofiness', and as a result, the entire batch is a little on the 'dry side'.

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