14 July 1999

Some Experiments

In these early years of playing around with my new 'digital tools', I would frequently try out different combinations and experiment with different styles if the client was up for it. Not all of them were entirely successful. This was probably one of the ones that didn't work out so well. This was for a west coast magazine client, and a regular assignment I was doing monthly around this time. These involved a single larger sized color cover illustration and a series of smaller black and white spots on a similar them for the inside. This one had something to do with a persons' 'inner light', and I tried doing something with a 'stylized figure' so I wouldn't have to mess with race/gender/age/etc and concentrate on the 'light'. The cover illustration turned out much better than the inside spots, but even the cover illustration didn't turn out all that well.

An experiment that worked out a little better was the quickie black and white illustration above that I did this month for a jesuit publication. This concerned 'gays in the church', and I decided to try a soft charcoal approach, working on textured paper.

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