05 July 1999

Scratchin in July

The illustration above was a page and a half spread for a midwest legal magazine. The illustration to the left was a rather simple caricature of Al Gore for an east coast jewish publication.

As I'm working my way backwards through these archives, I am struck by how little of a percentage the 'scratchboard' style was for me at this midpoint in my career. Nowadays ('08) I seem to do little else. Probably due to my marketing efforts. I've noticed that only one out of the last 8 or 9 postcards has featured the 'cartoon' style while all the rest were 'scratchboard samples'. If I want more work in other styles I should push them harder I suppose.

The 'stock market' illustration and the 'college funding' illustration below were both for an east coast legal newspaper this month, and the 'trampoline' illustration below that was for an educational publication.

I also had another 'pueblo' illustration for my children's magazine client. This was one of three different assignments for the same magazine, but they were all done in different styles so as to make it look like the publication hired a few different illustrators rather than the same guy for all of them. (the other assignments can be seen in other postings this month - all on the same 'pueblo' theme).

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