29 July 1999

Children's Book Project

This month I had a children's book project for a local publisher. This was one of two 'full color' titles that I worked on for this client in '99 (the other being 'Imagine That' finished later in the year). This one was entitled 'Mother Goose News' and the first part of the book (the lead story) was about Goldilocks and the Three Bears (all done as two page spreads), and the second half was taken up with various short rhymes about other nursery characters (Red Riding Hood, Three Pigs, etc), and each occupied a single page. The whole book was tied together by a 'newscast theme' and the beginning and end of the book featured the 'mother goose narrator and her film crew'. The book is out of print, but several used copies are still available through Amazon here (while 'Imagine That' is priced quite low, this book seems to garner a higher 'used' price, oddly enough). While it is fun once in a while to tackle a project of this size, I still prefer to work on two or three small rush projects over the course of a week, as it is easier on my sanity.
I've included a sampling of illustrations from this book here in this posting.

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