25 June 1999

June's Cartoons

I had several cartoon assignments this month from a local regional magazine client, both for their 'city' magazine and for their 'parenting' publication. The above portrait of Richard Nixon was for a humor column, and the illustration to the left was for a health care column talking about the 'healing power of magnets'.

Below are a few more illustrations for the same client. A piece on protecting your child's teeth from different 'sports injuries', and below that an illustration about grown children who move back in on their parents. Additionally, I had an illustration regarding 'funding for college'.

I had a few cartoon assignments this month from one of my children's magazine clients. The one to the left went with the 'pioneer' issue (other illustrations to be found in the 'scratchboard' posting this month) and went with a 'puzzle', and the two illustrations below went with a recipe for 'johnny cakes' a popular frontier recipe.

Other cartoon assignments this month came from my agent, for a Michigan regional parenting magazine. The black and white cartoon below was about 'cliques' in school (there was an additional figure seen from the back that was being 'excluded' but I haven't bothered to include it here - HA - excluded again!), and the 'house on a hillside' illustration below that was another for the same client (I think).

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