30 May 1999

Workbook project

I had another workbook project in May from a local publishing firm. This project consisted of about 125 black and white illustrations, of which I've chosen 6 examples of some of the more interesting ones. This workbook concerned comparing and contrasting skills and there were a few 'what's different about these two pictures?' type activities, and sorting activities, and the topics ranged all over the board from nature pictures to science fiction tales (I've included a few more of my 'aliens' as these were my favorite parts of these projects). The art director I was working with was always pleasant and laughed heartily at all my cartoons, which was a big ego booster, and I would frequently bring along my son to these meetings since my wife was working days around this time at a local magazine publisher. (my son would have been 9 or 10 years old at this time). This one is still available for purchase at Amazon here for a reasonable price.

Also this month, for the same parent company, (but a Minneapolis based office, in turn outsourced for a London release) I had a cover assignment for another book. (pictured below) - Amazingly, this one is still in print (but out of stock) and available at Amazon here

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