24 May 1999

Name Brand Mystery Assignment

I had a mystery fiction assignment this month from one of my children's literary magazine clients. This one was for the 'teen poetry & prose' digest and was to accompany a story by an author I've been a fan of for many years, so it was a bonus treat to bring this one to life. This author sets all his mysteries in the horse racing world in Britain, and this short story was no exception. I also had another assignment along similar lines a couple years later for the same magazine, and this was the sort of work that I'd been doing for years for another mystery fiction digest client, although I hadn't done a project for them for over a year at this point, and would only start working with them again the following year. So in a way, these projects took up the slack while I was on hiaitus from the other magazine and kept me in that 'mystery frame of mind'.

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