22 May 1999

The Incredible Lightness of Drawing

As I work my way backwards through my art archives, I've noticed fluctuations in style, and in color palatte and have commented on them from time to time as it seems necessary. Over the past 6 months of the chronology, I've noticed the colors getting lighter and lighter, and have let it pass without comment until I got to these three illustrations for May, and I feel I must say something about it. Fortunately the black and white work doesn't seem to have suffered in any way, but the color tones are getting much lighter and I'm not sure why that was. It could be perhaps that I was using an older computer at this time (I think I upgraded to my current computer sometime around 2002-03), perhaps I wasn't paying close enough attention to the brightness settings with regards to how the illustrations were printing. At this point I was rather new to 'computer illustration' having only started the previous year, and I'm still apparently working out the bugs in the system.

Anyhow, the illustration above was for a 'recipe' article for an east coast newspaper client. The dish this time was a light and fluffy white cake (but I think I went overboard on the 'light and fluffy'). Below was an illustration for one of my children's magazine clients, and showed how light breaks up into a color spectrum. (and again, 'light' being the operative term).

The above ATM illustration was for a 'puzzle page' in another children's magazine this month. Another victim of the light color tonality problem of this era.

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