05 May 1999

Cartoons in May

The above illustration and the one below were both for an east coast newspaper client in May of '99. The one above was about working mothers, and I'm not sure what the one below was about (playing with your kids?).

The above four spot illustrations were the beginning of an extended project that stretched over the next three months for a midwest publisher, through my agent. I was one of several illustrators hired for this particular project, and I never quite learned what book these were published in. Also this month, for my agent, was the illustration below for a Michigan regional parenting publication.

The illustrations above, below and to the right were all for a local regional publication (where my wife was working at the time). The one above was for a humor article about experiences on the 'comedy tour' by a young comedian. The one to the right was about working mothers, and the one below was about protecting yourself as you surf the internet.

The following two illustrations were both for 'puzzle page' illustrations in the same children's magazine. I don't quite remember the story behind either one.

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