01 April 1999

Character Development

Around this time I was approached by one of the magazines under the parent 'children's magazine' client that I've been working for on and off for about 7 years to develop a series of 'apple' headed characters that could be used and reused by the magazine over the coming years. These would be sprinkled around the magazine either as headings for different departments or simply just to take up space where there was a hole that needed to be filled. As per usual with this client these were for a small one time fee no different than their going rates, and they retained all rights to the illustrations. I had been in business at this point for about ten years, and I was just now starting to pay attention to the contracts I was signing, and what kind of rights I was giving away on a regular basis. This would start playing a bigger part in the decision making process of future assignments as the years went on.