13 January 1999

January Funnies

The illustration above was for a local regional parenting publication and dealth with hyperactive kids. The illustration to the left was another for the same client. I don't quite remember what the topic was (computer security perhaps?). I also had another 'computer' image for the same client this month. Something about online investing no doubt. (pictured below)

The 'fonzie' picture to the right was another for the same client, probably for a humor column, but I've long forgotten the relevance. I also had an illustration for the same client that had to do with 'kids testifying in court' (pictured below and to the left)

I had been doing small cartoons like this for this client since my first year in business, and their rates had stayed ridiculously low for the past ten years. At this point I was mostly continuing to do work for them for a couple reasons. Gratitude and loyalty on the one hand, the fact that my wife was working at this company on the other hand, and the fringe benefits of the fact that they pretty much let me do whatever I wanted, and were super easy to work for. Eventually, a few years later, I would finally call it quits, as I could no longer justify the amount of time I was spending on these assignments versus what I could be making working on other projects.

The above illustration was for another Michigan regional parenting publication through my agent. I probably made more on this one black and white illustration than I did on all the illustrations pictured above it.
The 'Captain Bligh' illustration to the left was for a southern college lifestyle magazine. Something about a personality test to discover how 'bossy' you are in dealing with subordinates.

The illustration below was for a local religious organization and dealth with different styles of church services.