13 January 1999

Brochure Mailer

This was the first mailer I sent out showcasing the new 'digital' artwork that I had been working with over the past year. I don't remember the exact date these went out, but they were an 8 page folded color booklet, with a heavy card stock outer cover, die cut with a window that let part of the illustration peek through, and then I also got an embossing tool and would punch 'Tim Foley Illustration' into the cover so that there were faint raised letters under the die cut window. These covers were printed with contact information and the address to my website (my website was still hosted through AOL at this point, and had a ridiculously long and hard to remember address). I don't remember how many of these we sent out, but they were probably one of the fanciest mailers I ever put together (and was probably the least effective -- I tend to stick to plain old postcards these days).