07 November 1998


The above illustration was a rare cover assignment for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Parent). I do quite a few small cartoon spots for this client, and this gave me a chance to try something a little different. As a whole, it seems a bit awkward to me, but there are some interesting things going on, and I'm sure I learned a lot from the experience.

The illustration to the left was another for the same client this month, again, a bit of a departure from the usual type of illustrations I provide them with.

I had a couple of stylistic departures for Newsday this month. The illustration above was finished with oil pastels and was for a story about depression, or grieving, or something along those lines. The illustration to the right was another for the same client, and had something to do with 'nylons'.

I had another map for Cobblestone (Faces), this another of those fun ones that I enjoy doing, with lots of mountain ranges and rivers.

I had a couple cover assignments for the American Bar Association. I approached these a little differently than the usual 'scratchboard technique'. Instead of drawing in black and white and then adding a color wash in a layer underneath the drawing, I decided to try both of these with actually drawing the scratchboard lines in different colors. It had an interesting look, but apparently not interesting enough to ever go back to it anytime soon. I remember these as being very time consuming. Perhaps that is why I dropped this particular experimental technique.