02 September 1998

September Funnies

The above 'puzzle page' illustration was for Oddysey (Cobblestone) during the month of September. The idea was to rearrange the photos so that the story is in chronological order, based on clues within the photos.

The illustration below was another for the same client, but one of these was actually from October, only I missed it when researching that month.

The cartoon above and the one below were both for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine) this month. One of them was about home improvements (and this one could almost be a self portrait, as daunted as I am by 'fix it' projects), and the other one was about prom dresses, if memory serves.

The illustration above and the three spots below were all for Interpretor in September. I'm frankly amazed, looking at the illustration above, that I spent so much time on all the faces in the congregation. I'm not sure that mixing the two styles was such a good idea.