12 September 1998


The above illustration was for the American Bar Association, and dealt with a specific rule of law, with an example given about a moonshine still situation (I don't quite remember all the details). I remember being really pleased with how this turned out at the time, but I don't quite see the attraction now.

The illustration to the left was for Legal Times and was about corporate crime and punishment.

And on the west coast, I had an assignment from The Recorder, this one about legal points of law being derived from an obscure old California law book. (I don't remember why the people reading it are dressed up in 'clean suits'.

Meanwhile, the news of the day continues to influence the daily workload, and makes going through this old archive a trip down memory lane. Kenneth Starr is presenting his 'Starr Report' to congress, and below, McGuire and Sosa are winding up their summer 'home run race' (which of course, many years later, we would learn it wasn't quite what it was cracked up to be). The top illustration for Legal Times, and the one below for Newsday.

The illustration above and to the left were both for Newsday. The one above on Russian politics, and the one to the left was something along the lines of 'getting a tax check-up'.

The illustration below was for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and was something to do with 'navigating the math fog' - about how incoming students seem lacking in math education. (I notice I may have stuck a self portrait in the background (I'm frequently in a 'math fog' myself).