25 September 1998


I find myself experimenting with different techniques quite a bit in this first year of working digitally. Some are more successful than others, and sometimes I just plain fall flat on my face. The above illustration was one of the better ones. This was on the subject of software piracy for The Recorder out in California (how quickly the idea of 'floppy discs' has gotten dated and stale).

The illustration below was another 'computer' concept, and was a rather unusual one, both in technique and subject matter. The client wanted a sort of M.C. Escher image where snails would transform into computer mice as they travelled across the square. It was a bit of a challenge to work out logistically, and I wish I'd had the time to try and work out a way to combine the positive and negative spaces in a more creative fashion. This one was for Innovision (Critical Care Nurse), who would be giving me much more work over the coming year.

I found myself playing around with the oil paint brush tools for Oxendine (Student Leader). Most of the other illustrations for this client can be found in another posting this month (and they were very experimental too, in their own way), but these two illustrations (the ethics compass illustrations to the left and below) were for a different article in the magazine, and the designer wanted something that looked a little different from my 'usual fare'.

Below is an illustration for Newsday, for the lifestyle section. This one was about relationships involving older men and younger women. Almost the same style as the 'ethics' pictures above, but with the addition of what looks like colored pencil added into the mix.