22 September 1998

Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

Since going digital in the fall of '97, my approach to most of my work was to try and keep the transition as quiet as possible. Many of my 'scratchboard' clients didn't realize a change had taken place, aside from the switch from sending work through the mail to sending email attachments (and in fact, some of my clients never quite got their minds around the idea of 'attachments', like the art was somehow inferior to what they could get if I sent it to them on a disc). Other clients, however, wholeheartedly embraced the idea, and encouraged me to try every tool in the toolbox. I'd been doing work for Oxendine Publishing (Student Leader) since the early nineties, and during this year, I began experimenting with a different style for the small 'factoid' type illustrations that this client frequently assigned me. I was all over the board with these, trying out different combinations of tools, different background textures, and, while the client seemed to love this new 'look'. I found that I was spending way too much time on each individual spot illustration, and I wasn't entirely happy with how this style looked. I thought it was way too 'computery' and didn't look like 'me' at all. I kept at this style through a couple projects for this client, but eventually settled on a compromise late in '98 and did them more in my conventional 'cartoon' style.