27 August 1998

Workbook Project

I had another black and white workbook project in August for Instructional Fair (in later years known as Carson Dellosa). This one was something to do with Phonics and I had about 200 or so small illustrations, of which I've chosen 9 examples to post here. I'll be posting more samples from this book at a later date, and also try and dig up an Amazon link if the book is still available.

10 August 1998

Summer Funnies

The above cartoon, and the one below were both for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine, Grand Rapids Parent). Prior to this date, most of the illustrations for this client were in black and white, and it was only in rare instances when color was requested. In future assignments the opposite would be the norm. Not sure why, perhaps printing in color became more affordable around this time, or budgets increased (not that I would get paid any more for doing them in color).

The rest of the illustrations on this page were for Oxendine Publishing (Student Leader). The 'archaology' illustrations were done in my more routine 'cartoon' style, and the small factoid illustrations were done in more of an experimental 'computer-ish' style that the client preferred, but I would steer them towards the above style because it was something I was more comfortable working in, and was a style that I thought looked a LOT better.

Oddly enough, August was a rare month in which most of my work was done in a 'cartoon' style, and I only had a few rare 'scratchboard' assignments (examples to be found in another posting this month).

05 August 1998

August Odds & Ends

Oddly enough, there were very little 'scratchboard' illustrations this month. Most jobs were 'cartoon-ish' in nature, and the rest were experimental in style. The above 'food' illustration was for Newsday. This would become a regular feature that I would contribute to for a year or so. Below is another assignment for the same paper, this one had something to do with navigating the 'downtown maze'.

The illustration to the left was for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I probably shouldn't have used a collage technique on the 'dollar carpet', because of the curve. One of the temptations of working digitally that has tripped me up with during these early years.

The rest of the illustrations this month were for various Cobblestone publications. The 'aztec calendar maze' below was a fun challenge, but I think I should have 'curved' the type, or hand lettered them.

The following illustrations were all for the same 'article' in the same title. Something to do with stolen Nazi gold, and for some reason I did each illustration in a different style.